Frequently asked questions

How do I care for my succulent plant?


Succulents like light, so place your succulent near a window that gets light all day or in the brightest place you have available.


Succulents like to have their roots soaked with water, but it’s important to let the soil dry out and remain dry for a few days before soaking again. Also, during winter months, water less often as the succulents enter a dormant period.

The leaves on my succulent are shriveling and falling off, is it dying?

It is normal for your succulent to eventually lose leaves from the underside of the plant. You should only be concerned if the plant is losing leaves from the top area. Consider altering your watering schedule and be sure it's getting the necessary amount of light.

How do I care for my cactus?

Light Cacti like about 4 hours of direct sunlight each day. Tropical varieties prefer indirect light most of the year, but during winter months provide it with direct sunlight. Water Watering will depend on the variety of cactus and the season. For most of the year, water only when the soil has dried out. In the winter, cut back on watering for desert variety cacti and water only once a month. For tropical cacti, water regularly all year keeping the soil moist while the plant is in flower.

How do I care for my air plant?

Light Air plants need protection from direct sun, so place them in an area with indirect, filtered light or partial shade. Water Water your air plants by rinsing them in the sink every 1-2 weeks. Let dry overnight before placing them back in their designated spot. In the dry winter months, mist them with water every 3-4 days paying extra attention to the base of the plant.

How do I care for my snake plant?

Light Snake plants love light, so the more sun they get the better. Water Give your snake plant a good soak every 2-3 weeks allowing the soil to dry out in between.

The leaves on my plant are wrinkled and drooping, what's wrong?

This is typically a sign of underwatering. Stick your finger about 1 inch into the soil and feel for moisture. Water only if the soil is dry and doesn't cling to your finger.

How do I care for my prayer plant?

Light Prayer plants prefer low light, in fact, the leaves will look better and brighter in these conditions. Water Be sure that the soil is well draining, as prayer plants are prone to root rot. Do not let the soil dry out, making sure it stays moist but not soggy.

How do I care for my parlor palm?

Light Parlor Palm plants prefer low light conditions, so avoid direct sunlight but a little bit of indirect light is good. Water It's always best to underwater than to overwater your Parlor Palm, so only give the soil a soak when it has completely dried out.

How do I care for my aloe vera plant?

Light Aloe Vera plants love light, so be sure and place them near a south or west facing window. Water The soil will need to be well draining as Aloe Vera does not like to sit in water. Allow the soil to dry completely between waterings, soaking the soil thoroughly when you do. Be sure to not overwater.